I Played Golf Today patch

The "I Voted" sticker is one of the best pieces of marketing of all time. It lets people know what you did that day, and it's a source of pride. So we created the golf version of that with our I Played Golf Today patch.

This patch is a 2-inch circle and comes with an optional Velcro hook backing. The text is embroidered, while a black border is sewn to complete the look.

If you select the patch with Velcro backing, it is also shipped with a 1 7/8-inch Velcro loop tape medallion, which you can affix to pretty much any surface. We recommend your golf bag, a bag tag, a hat or a headcover.

When our patches are gone, they're gone -- perhaps to never return.

Buy 4 patches, get the 5th free -- always! Use the promo code 5FOR4 at checkout.

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