90 Percent Air patch

For most golfers, trees are a dreaded part of the game. They get in the way. We have to go over or around them. And sometimes that means getting through them with blind luck. We decided to encourage hero shots with our 90 Percent Air patch.

This patch is a 2-inch circle and comes with an optional Velcro hook backing. The text and tree image are embroidered on a white background, while the border is sewn to complete the look.

If you select the patch with Velcro backing, it is also shipped with a 1 7/8-inch Velcro loop tape medallion, which you can affix to pretty much any surface. We recommend your golf bag, a bag tag, a hat or a headcover.

When our patches are gone, they're gone -- perhaps to never return.

Buy 4 patches, get the 5th free -- always! Use the promo code 5FOR4 at checkout.

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