November 24, 2020

Why we created Golf Scouts

Golf is a special game and has a special place in my life.

What I love most about golf, though, isn't just playing a game I'll never perfect.

Golf is an opportunity to experience a lifetime of places, people and events. The game has shaped how I see the world, introducing me to so much I never would have otherwise experienced.

The game is an emotional experience, shared with people who are on the same journey. Golfers share a common bond, a desire to go where the game takes us.

That's why we created Golf Scouts. We wanted to make and sell products which inspire and remind golfers of the memories and experiences of playing fun, great golf. Whether that's going Lone Wolf with your back against the wall, or playing the iconic holes in golf, or taking in the best tournaments in the world, Golf Scouts hopes you'll share your golf journeys with others, through us.

We're starting with patches, which can be worn on your golf bag (instead of a noisy, hidden bag tag), your headcovers, a hat or other golf accessories. They're interchangeable and can be added as your golf story grows and changes. In short course, we'll create and produce these same products as media on which to display our patches.

We'll bring your ideas to life, too, with custom patches. Whether that's a patch idea for all golfers, for your club championship, your buddy trip, your tournament or another special occasion, we want to remind you how special golf is -- particularly when it doesn't feel that way after a triple.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

Ryan Ballengee

Co-Founder of Golf Scouts